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AMAZING TIPS for How To Make Your Actors Seem More Like Real Disabled People:

1. cast real disabled people

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  • Most fighting videogames: Lots of dudes on steroids and really busty chicks with the occasional mismatched character
  • Super Smash Bros: Wanna fight as a plumber? Here you go. Swordsman elf? Done. Electric mouse? No problem. Penguin with a hammer in a Santa suit? Okie dokie. Magic princess? Sure. Space furries??? YOU GOT IT BRO
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Some of Edward Gorey's bookporn illustrations.

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Christ I’m pushing 30! D-:

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HEY TUMBLR! We are having a sale on our custom, handmade dog tags and jewelry to help cover our Malinois Acquisition Mission— tempurafriedhappiness just sprung this gorgeous boy (photo stolen from haleysolo) from a kill shelter in GA, 13 hours from home. 13% off in our ETSY store with code: IALSOTUMBLE :) Some items (Edge, Rockstar, Classic) were already on sale!!

i was just saying machete needs one of these tags for his birfday. fortuitous timing!

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